We Make Cancer Not So Scary!

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October News + Updates

Special Spaces volunteers give back and help others but it’s also about so much more. Volunteering offers new experiences and insights while creating connections with people you may not have otherwise met. Our volunteers amaze us and it’s hard to fully express how much they contribute to our team. Their dedication continues to move our mission forward. We truly are changing children’s lives one bedroom at a time. Please feel free to contact Special Spaces if you would like to join us in this important mission.

~ Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. ~

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Isaac’s Minecraft Special Space

Issac's Special SpaceIsaac is a very sweet 8-year-old boy that enjoys fishing, soccer, and playing video games. Isaac’s dream bedroom was a Minecraft fishing themed room. His favorite item in the room was the TNT throw pillow on his bed. Isaac was super excited when he discovered that his bed elevated. Children are very special souls and they teach us important lessons; although he is battling cancer, Issac always keeps a positive attitude and a smile on his face.

Issac's Special Space

Thank you to all of our extraordinary volunteers and Crayons Gone Wild Murals for making this makeover happen! Be sure to visit and ‘LIKE’ the Milwaukee Special Spaces Facebook to view more pictures from Issac’s dream bedroom makeover.

~ The only difference between a good day & a bad day is your attitude. ~

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Elysia’s Sparkly Special Space

Elysia's Team Sparkle9-year-old Elysia is a gentle soul who didn’t have any particular requests for her makeover. She and her sister, Josie, are unbelievably close and share the same bedroom. One could finish the others sentences, almost like twins. Green Bay Director, Mike Bailey, chose All Things That Shine for the room theme because they have become ‘TEAM SPARKLE’ to overcome Elysia’s cancer diagnosis. They always wear their sparkly attire to her treatments and doctor appointments. Special Spaces Green Bay will be providing them with organizational items, and fun places to hang out within their room makeover.
Dream Sparkle Shine
Thank you Team Elysia for all of your hard work and endless dedication!

Be sure to visit and ‘LIKE’ the Green Bay Special Spaces Facebook so you can view pictures of Elysia’s sparkly dream bedroom makeover in November.

~ Lead a life that glitters; do more of what makes you sparkle. ~

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Happy Halloween

Halloween Safety TipsHalloween is one of the best nights of the year for kids! It’s easy to understand why… when else do they get to dress up as their favorite character, collect candy to their heart’s content, and stay up past their bedtime? Of course, we all want kids to enjoy a hauntingly fun night, but – safety first! Here are four easy tips to help ensure the night is full of treats rather than tricks.

1. Plan trick-or-treating route in advance: Map out a route before leaving the house. Stick to paths that you and your child are familiar with to avoid getting lost. Be sure to wear comfy shoes!

2. Stay well lit: Apply reflective tape to your child’s costume to ensure they are seen by drivers on the road. Also, carry a flashlight with you to keep your child’s path lit at all times.

3. Avoid uncomfortable masks: Masks can make it difficult for your child to see or breathe. If possible, skip the mask altogether and use non-toxic make-up to complete the costume instead.

4. Check your child’s candy: When sorting through candy at the end of the night, be sure to throw away any candy that is not in its original wrapper, or looks as though it has been opened or tampered with.

~ When witches go riding, and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near Halloween. ~

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Changing Children’s Lives One Bedroom At A Time

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