Green Bay

Special Spaces Green Bay Director, Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey, Director
I became involved with Special Spaces when two of my good friends mentioned that they were about to form a new chapter in Green Bay. Having worked closely with them in our children’s school organization it just felt right to continue this relationship where I could utilize my background in engineering, building construction.

At that time, that life seemed like an eternity ago, because I had since been obligated to take on the care of both of my parents who had just died following ten-year battles with dementia. Special Spaces offered me the opportunity to once again, be creative. It gave me the freedom to operate my current business and still be home for my family. What I did not expect were all the other great people who I have met that just want to help and volunteer. When this happens, our diverse talents come together to create unique rooms that we all put our heart and soul into.

Of course, it is not about that at all. It is about the children, who we are trying to create a place unlike any other, for them to heal and be comforted within those walls. I can easily meet any family, any child, and accept the task of offering our teams’ creativeness. We give them a month’s worth of work in a single day; say our teary goodbyes and we are gone. They continue to deal with illness, doctors, hospitals, testing, and some long and difficult battles, but have a Special Space to come home to.

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