Splash into Summer with Special Spaces!!

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Special Spaces MilwaukeeAs we roll into summer Special Spaces Wisconsin has been busy creating dream bedroom makeovers for children with life threatening illnesses. We have had the privilege of working with many corporate sponsors this month and are so thankful for their support! Together, we truly are making a difference to children suffering from cancer, brain tumors, and heart conditions. THANK YOU!!!

BAIRD Gives Back Day

Baird Gives Back to Special Spaces MilwaukeeWe were honored to be included in BAIRD’s annual BAIRD Gives Back day. Thank you for all of your support and helping us make dreams come true! Read on to learn more about the Green Bay Packer themed dream bedroom for 13-year-old Emanuel that BAIRD’s team of volunteers worked with us to create!



Special Spaces Emanuel Video Reveal Green Bay Packer Dream Bedroom

Emanuel’s GB Packer Special Space

THANK YOU Team Emanuel!! Emanuel was truly touched when he saw his new Green Bay Packers themed dream bedroom. SPECIAL THANKS to our corporate sponsor BAIRD + their wonderful team of volunteers for including us on their annual #BairdGivesBack day!! We are happy that Emanuel now has his very own Special Space in which he will be able to recover, heal, and find peace.

Emanuel's Green Bay Packer Special Space

~ Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. ~

Special Spaces

Emily’s Pretty + Cozy Special Space

THANK YOU Team Emily!!! Emily is so full of life + kindness. She is loved by soooo many and well known for her deliciously cute cupcakes. For her dream bedroom she requested lots of lights + bling, asked that it be filled with photos of her family and friends. Emily has been battling cancer since October 2015, so we are happy to provide her with a Special Space to call her own in which she can recover, heal, and find peace.

Special Spaces Fox Valley

~ Live and love in rooms full of light. ~

Special Spaces

Happy Father’s Day

We hope that all of our very dedicated dads, volunteer dads, caregiver dads, donor dads, step dads, and grandfathers had a Happy Father’s Day! We are thankful for ALL that you do!!
Happy Fathers Day 2017
Special Spaces

Changing Children’s Lives One Bedroom At A Time

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